The Provincial National Committee in Prague

No.: 447/1946 Prague, 5 March 1946

Re: National Administration of Adolf Schwarzenberg's Estates
- granting permission for an
advance on a monthly pension to the owner

From the Files

Dr Adolf Schwarzenberg's property was placed under National Administration in May 1945, because he was absent [from the country], there was uncertainty about his attitudes and conduct during the Occupation, and regular operations had to be ensured.

Concerning Schwarzenberg's nationality, it is well known that he has always made it clear he was Czech and that he fled from the Germans during the Occupation because he was in danger of persecution, having refused to work actively for the Nazi regime. Research in the archives of the Ministry of the Interior reveals that he was not in the Czechoslovak Republic during the 1930 census.

During the Occupation Dr Adolf Schwarzenberg had lived mainly in the USA, arrived back in Europe in late 1945, and settled in Switzerland. Foreign Minister Jan Masaryk has provided favourable testimony concerning his attitudes and conduct during World War II.

The Provincial National Committee and Department 9 of the Ministry of Agriculture both hold the view that Schwarzenberg cannot be considered a German or a traitor, and that consequently his property is not subject to the regulations of Presidential Decree No. 12/1945 Sb.

Through his solicitor Dr Bukovský, in late 1945, Dr Schwarzenberg informed the Provincial National Committee that he wished to return to the Czechoslovak Republic and asked for a flat to be made available for him at one of his manors; he also asked to be granted an adequate monthly pension.

Owing to the fact that National Administration has been introduced to ensure regular production at this exceptionally large property, which is in the public interest, and owing to the lack of objections to the owner himself, both from the national and State point of view, there is no reason why his request for a regular monthly pension, to be paid out of the earnings of this property, should be turned down. Similarly, many requestsĘby other Czech owners whose agricultural or industrial property has been placed under National Administration have been met. Based on an agreement with the Ministry of Agriculture, the Provincial National Committee supports its Resolutions with Governmental Regulation No. 87/1939 Sb. and the following documents:

1. Communiqué No. 726 KNS-1945 from the National Administration Commission, dated 11 June 1945;

2. The proposal in the Provincial National Committee memorandum prepared by Docent Machotka, which was adopted by the Presidium of the Provincial National Committee at its 66th session on 26 November 1945;

3. The practice of the Industrial Department of the Provincial National Committee, which has currently been to grant such contributions.

Dr. Schwarzenberg's request for the granting of a pension has not been met because Dr Schwarzenberg, through his solicitor Dr Bukovský and his advisor Dr Pícha, Ing., has in the meantime showed a willingness to enter into negotiations concerning the nationalization of his property by way of its voluntary livery into the possession of the Bohemian Lands.

His solicitor Dr Bukovský proposes that the National Administration of the Schwarzenberg Estates should be granted permission to pay the advance on Dr Schwarzenberg's pension, which is to be granted to him as soon as the negotiations on the nationalization of his property are finished. The advance should be paid to the sum of 100,000 Kčs. I personally recommend that this request be met, because, among other things, the advance would be used mainly to cover the costs of the negotiations.


Re: National Administration of Dr A. Schwarzenberg's Estates – the granting of permission for an advance on a monthly pension to the owner.

1) The National Administration of Dr Adolf Schwarzenberg's Estates
in České Budějovice

The Provincial National Committee in Prague has decided to meet the request of Dr F. Bukovský, the owner's solicitor, and gives permission for an advance payment on the pension, the granting of which is under negotiation. The amount of the advance is 100,000 Kčs (one hundred thousand crowns).

2) František Bukovský, JUDr, solicitor
on behalf of Dr Adolf Schwarzenberg
in Prague II
Tyršova Street No. 4

The Provincial National Committee has decided to grant the aforementioned request and gives the National Administration of Dr Adolf Schwarzenberg's estates permission to pay an advance to the sum of 100,000 Kčs (one hundred thousand crowns) into your pension account. The granting of this pension is the subject of negotiations and will be decided later.
It has been proposed to grant permission for an advance payment on the owner's pension to the sum of 100,000 Kčs.